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We can offer solutions for the symptoms associated with dyslexia and visual stress

If you or your child suffers from a specific learning difficulty, the most common being dyslexia you will be no stranger to some of the symptoms that accompany the condition – words moving around the pages, letters and number swapping around and general discomfort with reading and writing. This visual stress which can sometimes be helped with changing background colour is termed Meares-Irlen Syndrome or Scotopic Sensitivity.

It has been shown that the application of colour to text can help calm down the background noise in the brain, allowing sufferers to read and write more comfortably. Here at Evans & Hughes, our opticians offer specialist testing using computer software to help identify the colour that does just that for you.

If there is a colour that appears to reduce the visual stress then a coloured plastic sheet overlay can be provided for you to take away and use in everyday life. You may also like to have a pair of glasses made, incorporating the colour that helps you to concentrate; and we’re able to help with that too!

Please note : An estimated 10% of the British population suffers from dyslexia, with a further 20% experiencing some form of visual stress. You are therefore encouraged to speak with your optometrist if you struggle to read and write comfortably.

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