• Dry Eye

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Dry eye syndrome is a chronic (long term) eye condition that often occurs when the tears are not oily enough to reduce evaporation.

Typical symptoms of dry eye include:

– Excessive watering
– A gritty sensation
– Sore eyes
– Redness of the eyes
– Itchiness
– Blurriness
– Sensitivity to light

A number of factors can contribute to the development of dry eye including age (more common in people aged over 65, especially women), hormonal changes, pregnancy, some systemic diseases, medication and environmental factors.

At Evans & Hughes we regularly see patients suffering from this condition.

The good news is that dry eyes can be managed and there are various ways to do this. Eye lubricants (artificial tears) are available as drops, gel or ointment. There are many different ones and some are available without preservative. Your optometrist will be able to advise which ones are most suitable for you. Another important consideration is the environment. Air conditioning and central heating both dry the eyes. People also find their eyes feel worse on windy days or in smoky atmospheres. Another common problem often in association with dry eye is blepharitis and often needs to be co-managed. Eye examinations are free.

Please note : If symptoms of dry eye are identified during your routine sight test, further investigation and treatment may be covered by EHEW (Eye Health Examination Wales).