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With so many options available today, you’re guaranteed to find contact lenses that suit your needs

Not so long ago, only a handful of patients were able to benefit from wearing contact lenses. However, with so many options available today, and all made from different materials too, there’s a product suitable for just about everybody.

At Evans & Hughes we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our patients a wide range of contact lenses to choose from. Because we’re independent, we’re not limited to the manufacturers we’re able to source lenses from.

Just some of the contact lenses we’re able to offer our patients include:

Daily disposables – These lenses are simply worn during the day and then disposed of.

 Re-useable lenses – Usually monthly. These are lenses that can be re-used but have to be cleaned and stored in disinfection ready for the next wear.

Extended Wear – Allows the wearer to sleep with lenses in.

Toric format – The above options come in toric format to correct astigmatism.

Multifocal – To correct both distance and near vision for those who require separate corrections.

 Coloured lenses – Whether you’re playing dress up, or fancy a new look, these lenses will change the colour of your eyes.

  Rigid Gas Permeable – A less favoured lens these days but has its advantages and may be the only option for certain conditions like keratoconus.

It’s not just those who don’t get on with glasses that benefit from contact lenses, however. Keen sportsmen and women are able to take part in their chosen activities without posing a risk to their vision, and some children can be fitted with lenses too, providing they’re mature enough to look after them.